Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sun Priestess - yes, more WIP

gettin there, cleaned up the materials, working into the decorations on the hips, cleaning up some light dark balance.

Will try a version with full face mask, and one wiht more neck/face, even limb flesh - see if it softens it up a bit or looks better or worse.

want to get done with this one...  other sketches are waiting!


oooarrr you've been had by the vampirate captain 'ook

Friday, 19 August 2011

Sun Priestess - WIP


Zebra butt, barbary sheep and bison

Sketches - Animals

Sketches - Animals

Holiday House 2007

My buddy Clint


Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Misc Paints - With COLOUR EVEN!!!

adelaide city - from north adelaide
shiny roboto
walking in the rain


Sketchin - Vic Falls

Inspired by a trip to Africa years ago, I did some small paints.  This is part of my archival upload, some of these works range from 2001 to present...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sun Priestess - WIP

made big changes to the silhouettes for the legs and dress/robes - i feel the lines work better without the dress puffing out causing a fatter look in the lower half of the image... o well..did a LOT of work on the upper body and breasts and armpits/arms - feeling much more on track now...

just having some fun doodling and working some more deets into the pic.  Been busy at work so havent drawn for a while..look forward to putting this one t bed and getting on with some other sketches.