Saturday, 18 April 2015

British Vs Pirates - Board Game Hex Tiles

The board layout for British Vs Pirates will be a modular and dynamic seascape made up of hex tiles.  Imperial and Pirate ships will sail and explore and dominate while navigating various islands and other notable landmarks.

The idea was to create scenes which had lots of detail so you feel that you can always find something new each game hidden in the illustrations.  Look out in the final game for secret details on the open ocean like whales, messages in bottles and even the lurking shadows of monstrous sea monsters ...

Here are the island tiles and an open sea tile for the game. In the final product there will be more open ocean tiles between areas with all sorts of hazards and adventures to encounter...

Set sail and enjoy!

British Vs Pirates - Board Game Illustrations

Ahoy lubbers!

I have been enjoying creating a lot of art for the world of this new board game British Vs Pirates

I have been doing ships and board game tiles, so here are some fearsome ship cards which the players can buy and upgrade and use to dominate the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy...

If you love this sort of thing, PLEASE help get the game off the ground by visiting the page, following along with dev, and getting on board the Kickstarter project in the near future!

...and don't forget to press gang your mates into helping out too ;)