Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Road To War - Demon Summoning!

Oops! - shouldn't have called up this guy from the abyss - or where-ever it is from  ...because he looks disturbing.

A big cover illo for the Road To War pack from Legendary Games.  What more could I want ..stone circles, demons, adventurers!

My captioning for this image is as follows ...

Fighter - "whaddya reckon we will get form this stone circle? like a level 1 barrow wight or something?"
Demon - "Surprise!!!"
Fighter - "goddammit..."

and YES the sorcerers pose WAS inspired by a metal guitar player wailing on their 'axe'  MAGIC SOLO!

The Road To War - Frost Drake Attack!

I enjoyed creating this illo - simple premise and I liked the feel of the warm/arid environment and the icy blue drake. I wanted to frame the drake really clearly against the hazy sky, and ended up putting a fireball casting mage in the FG to get your attention (also I thought it would be nice to contrast the icy drake magic)

...my personal fave is the poor sucker who gets iced downhill, meanwhile the elf ranger is confidently sliding downhill backwards and turning and loosing arrows as she goes ..which she can do because she is an elf ..and better than you.  And she knows it.


Legendary Games - The Road To War

Legendary Games has just released its latest offering to satisfy your gaming needs!  I was able to do a few pieces for The Road To War - which I hope you like!

Here are a couple of smaller pieces, including a magical crown and a rock elemental creation ...

Friday, 1 November 2013

sketchbook dump! ROCKS!

some little rock world graphic sketches/designs  ...really want to paint up more of these, keeping them colourful and graphic.  Could really push the 'otherworldly' angle ...