Sunday, 7 July 2013

WIP - Pathfinder Cleric With Falcon

I was asked for a few more work in progress pictures, so in this post I can show a simple breakdown of some sketching and painting for the Pathfinder Cleric with falcon. You can see the original post here, and see the final product from Paizo Publishing here

I use a funny animators style build up for my sketches, layering over 'cel' sheets and refining until it looks presentable :) 

rough ideas, lines
making sure i get all the equipment and details
few mods and proportion fixes etc
cleaned up line work - for delivery!
basic 'wash' of colours
ta da!

Pathfinder RPG - Player Companion: Quests & Campaigns

I had fun creating some goblin parodies of the iconic fighter and sorcerer in this latest game companion from Paizo.  I am really happy with how this set turned out, and look forward to working in this style a lot more, shorter sharper mark making, a bit looser, suggested detail.  Overall I think it works quite well!  Enjoy!

Go the goblins!