Monday, 5 September 2011

Snake, Jaguar and Eagle

I took a weekend course of concept design with the White Cloud Worlds crew.  A short course, but it really helped me push my sketches and ideas further and helped me think about how i approach my designs.

The brief was to re-imagine Big Trouble in Little China.  Use some characters, environments or themes etc, re-invent them and re-work them.  You could set the film in space for example, or set the narrative inside a different cultural duality.  I chose the characters of the the Three Storms - The evil characters henchmen and supernatural beings that represent the power of lightning, rain and thunder.  I set my new world in the contemporary Miami/South American cartel underworld, and re-imagined the Three Storms as cartel henchmen in their contemporary form, and when reverting to full supernatural power, they represent the central american powers of the jaguar, eagle and snake.

..phew! pretty abstract i know, but it was mostly to get into a setting and draw, draw, draw!

So in one weekend, i didnt get around to completing all three characters, but decided to work up snake.  Here is my uncoloured piece (currently adding coloured rendering) and some WIP sketches to paint a good picture of the process.

The 'final' design board is presented with Snake in his raw form and his contemporary 'disguised' form.  The workshop really helped me push for more designa nd detail about costuming and props.  The image is 2K, so feel free to zoom in and have a look around :D