Saturday, 7 September 2013

WIP - Pathfinder Magic Martial Arts

Some thumbnail ideas and the sketch and paint for the Pathfinder monk Snatch Arrow Feats.  This illustration was really fun actually, and I had a good time trying to pose the fight for great action against a nice abstract bamboo background.

One of the thumbnails i liked shows an almost 'animated' effect of the monk in 1,2,3 poses, but this may have been a bit too complex visually - so we ended up going for the nice bold flying pose in the end.  This made the monk iconic a bit more central to the illo, but I also tried to keep the sense of a moment frozen in the middle of an awesome attack.  I wanted the viewer to get the impression that he had already taken out the other samurai, spun around and taken another before even hitting the ground ....

hope that comes across anyway  haha


kicking arse and taking names

the ol' 1 2 3

surprise, airborne arrow stab attack!

same thing with alternative FG samurai being pwnt


and paint it!